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Learning Style Inventory

The LSI assesses a person’s learning style by identifying the strategies they most and least prefer to adopt when learning new material.

LSI measures the 6 learning styles for which there is most supporting research:

  • Abstract
  • Concrete
  • Holistic
  • Serial
  • Acting
  • Reflecting

 Using these scales, the LSI can identify people who learn through:

  • Debates and Discussions vs Practical Demonstrations
  • A Broader Conceptual Overview vs Detailed and Structured Information
  • Adaptability and Flexibility vs Clear and Well-Defined Plans
  • Experimentation vs Research
  • Trial Exercises vs Guided Instruction

The report also describes both strengths and areas for development and provides examples of activities to develop the individual’s learning style, strengthen weaknesses, and expand the range of preferred learning strategies.

The LSI provides a non-threatening framework in which to explore self-development issues and can be particularly useful to guide to facilitating effective performance appraisals, tailored coaching sessions, and engaging training programs.


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