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Technical Reasoning

This assessment consists of 3 tests to measure the core skills that are required for selecting and assessing staff for engineering, trade, or technical roles. It identifies the ability to understand technical concepts and apply them to practical use.

Mechanical Reasoning Test – investigates the ability to solve problems of a mechanical nature through the application of basic principles and with various mechanical devices such as gears, pulleys and levers. People who do well usually have an inquisitive mind into the way things work and often are better at learning how to construct, operate, or repair complicated equipment. They will be highly suited for construction and manufacturing trades.

Spatial Reasoning Test – requires the manipulation and reasoning about shapes and spatial relationships by testing the ability to visualise the shape and surfaces of solid three dimensional objects from flat paper plans before it is built. Those who do well on this test would have an advantage in work such as draughting, architecture, mechanical engineering, and building construction.

Visual Acuity Test – requires visual precision to find a path through complex two dimensional diagrams under a degree of time pressure. People who do well in this test would do better in electrical and mechanical engineering roles which require very detailed work on extremely small components and circuits.


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