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Sales Style

This test can provide invaluable insight into an individual’s potential for high sales performance by measuring 6 core dimensions of sales activity:

  • Adaptive Selling
  • Emotional Objectivity
  • Outgoing Sales Persona
  • Networking
  • Organisational Focus
  • Competitiveness

 Using these scales, SPI can identify people who:

  • Adopt a Consistent Sales Approach vs Adjust Selling Style to Suit Clients’ Needs
  • Sensitive to Tough Clients vs Resilient and Persevering
  • Reserved and Slow to Build Rapport vs Social and Quick to Build Rapport
  • Uncomfortable with Referral Selling vs Use Referrals to Open New Doors
  • Minimise Risk vs Prefer Variety
  • Structured vs Flexible
  • Focus on Own Agenda vs Focus on Client’s Needs
  • Keep Information to Themselves vs Share Information to Improve Group Results
  • Value Monetary Rewards vs Value Recognition and Trust
  • Act in Own Best Interests vs Act in Interest of Organisation

The final report is a useful recruitment and selection tool to establish a culture fit with the organisation’s sales culture and also identifies potential training needs for current employees to guide a tailored coaching session.


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