Independent and in-depth reference checking by trained experts in the field

Reference Checking

Validate seeks to mitigate the cost and time implications of in-house reference checking and the potential conflict of interest of external recruiters undertaking checks on their own candidate’s by offering a rigorous, in-depth and comprehensive outsourced reference checking service for your potential new team members. Utilising our extensive expertise in recruitment and reference checking we have developed a comprehensive, cost-effective and timely service for you to increase the efficiency and reliability of your recruitment process.

Clearly the key issues facing companies when it comes to conducting in-house reference checks today include:

  • Consistency is low. In many corporate environments, reference-checking processes are not optimally designed and are often loosely controlled. When reference checking systems are decentralised, checks may be being undertaken by untrained, time stretched individuals. This can result in a lack of consistency, validity and reliability.

  • The lack of expertise. In many circumstances individuals employed in the reference checking process of larger organisations are not well trained in undertaking high quality, in-depth and probing reference checks and therefore may not obtain high quality data against which to make a critical hiring decision.

  • Timeliness. As the reference checking process can be drawn out and costly, in some organisations complete and thorough reference checks are either being conducted after the individual is on the job or are being neglected entirely.

  • Legal implications. When candidates are not appointed as a consequence of reference checking, candidates have been known to take legal action. Conversely, lack of reference checks can result in negligent hiring claims. It is therefore best to ensure your company is engaging in best practice.

  • Standardisation. Instead of utilising a standard set of questions for all referees, reference checkers often ‘wing’ the process and make up their own reference questions. This creates issues with consistency and makes it impossible to accurately compare multiple candidates for one role.

  • Impartiality. Having your external recruiter undertake checks on their own candidates may mean that the process is not conducted as rigorously compared to using an independent and impartial 3rd party thoroughly trained in in-depth reference checking practices.


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