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Ability and Personality towards Health and Safety

With the aim to reduce health and safety incidents and workplace accidents, this test assesses a combination of targeted ability and personality characteristics that represent a tendency towards safe behaviour in the workplace.

Ability Scales:

  • Understanding Instructions and Safety-Related Information – ability to understand and follow instructions in English, either written or in a table.
  • Checking and Attention to Detail – ability to be careful, fast and accurate when checking safety-related details in the environment.
  • Understanding the Safety Environment – a general cognitive ability scale that tests the ability to deduce patterns and themes, draw inferences, and solve novel problems.

Personality Scales:

  • Safety Motivation – preference for behaving safely and avoiding risk
  • Safety Diligence – likelihood of completing prescribed procedures and health and safety tasks conscientiously
  • Adherence to Rules – tendency to respect and follow prescribed health and safety rules and practices
  • Openness to Guidance – willingness to respond positively to health and safety guidance and training
  • Safety Confidence – level of self-assuredness about safety-related behaviour
  • Safety Composure – tendency to remain calm and not let frustration or impatience influence their adherence to safe practices

The final report includes an overall ability and an overall personality score as well as a final overall assessment score to easily compare candidates. This assessment is especially useful for recruitment purposes as an initial screening point to identify those who will most likely have fewer accidents and fewer deliberate safety violations.


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