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Critical Reasoning

In order to accurately assess reasoning ability, it is necessary to develop tests which have been specifically designed to measure that ability of the particular group in question.

Firstly, this Critical Reasoning assessment has been specifically developed in Australia to ensure that it draws upon common, shared cultural experience and that each candidate can equally understand the logic in each question.

Secondly, this reasoning assessment has been designed from data from undergraduates to target people of above average intelligence, who are likely to find themselves in senior management positions as their career progresses.

Verbal Critical Reasoning – directly assesses the ability to understand semi technical reports and accurately draw logical conclusions and inferences from such written information. It forms a key assessment device for all managerial and professional jobs which require quick and reliable interpretation of written reports and appropriate decision-making.

Numerical Critical Reasoning – directly measures the ability to understand and critically evaluate a wide range of numerical information presented in tabular form, and accurately use this information in a logical way.  It forms a key assessment device for all managerial and technical positions which require a detailed understanding of financial, numerical and statistical data.


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