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Climate Surveys

The eq+ on-line Climate Survey measures employee’s opinions of their work, designed around core organisational values.

The primary objectives of the survey are to:

  • Measure employee attitudes across a range of key cultural and performance dimensions
  • Align management and employee expectations in order to facilitate greater productivity and retention levels within the workplace environment
  • Measure and report on changes to workplace satisfaction (or benchmarked) over time

The Survey is designed to be highly cost-effective, provide detailed results in a timely manner and measure factors that contribute and relate to job satisfaction such as:

  • The physical work environment
  • Enjoyment of work
  • Rewards and recognition
  • Management practices
  • Leadership, including vision
  • Understanding of the business
  • Opportunities to develop
  • Promotional possibilities
  • Career progression
  • Customer focus of the business
  • Work relevance to business goals
  • Compliance employment legislation

Benefits of the Climate Survey

The benefits of implementing our eq+ on-line Climate Survey are numerous and include the ability to:

  • Identify employees’ level of satisfaction in what they do
  • Improve staff retention rates and increase commitment
  • Increase productivity levels through improving employee engagement
  • Improve staff performance and ensure business objectives are attained
  • Assist in strategic planning

Feedback on Results

Following the completion of the survey, the results are analysed identifying the issues underpinning the results to develop recommendations.  An eq+ Psychologist would then meet with HR representatives to provide feedback and discuss the results in more detail, identifying issues and recommendations. Naturally we can also work with you in developing strategies to address issues and concerns identified.

It is best practice for climate survey results to be transparent and be published for staff to view as this provides overall motivation and continual opportunities for engagement in the process.

The on-line climate survey should be run periodically as a pulse survey which can show that improvements have been and are being achieved. This also demonstrates a focus on the need for continual improvement.


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